Zeiss OPMI MD S3 Surgical Microscope

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OPMI MD Microscope Body
f=250, 300, 400 mm Objective Lens
0-60 Degree Inclinable Binocular
150w Halogen Illumination
Superlux 175 Xenon Illumination
Foot Switch Control (Zoom and Focus)
2-Year Warranty
No Consumables or Disposables

3-1000 Neurosurgery Microscope


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Optics: Apochromatic
Working distance: Lens assembly 1: 224 to 510 mm (nom.), lens assembly 2: 200 to 450 mm (nom.)
Magnification (work. dist. 250 mm): 2.2x to 13.3x
Eyepiece head: 200° inclinable, wide-angle oculars 10x 21B
Stereo base: 25 mm
2-Year Warranty
No Consumables or Disposables

Zeiss OPMI Pentero Microscope

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Varioskop, Apochromatic 200-500mm working distance
Laser Autofocus
Multi-Vision with Image Overlay and Data Display
Superlux 330 with dual 300W Xenon illumination
Auto Balance via push button
Auto Vacuum Drape
Integrated 3-CCD or High Definition Video Camera
On-Board Monitor for Video Streaming or Touchscreen User Interface
Supports Navigation, Infrared 800, Blue 400
LAN and DICOM interface
2-Year Warranty
No Consumables or Disposables