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Quality Equipment From A Trusted Source

With a combined 50+ years of management experience in the medical industry, AVATAR International provides quality refurbished medical equipment at a time when health care costs are skyrocketing. Hospitals, medical clinics, and physician practices need equipment they can trust at prices that help to buffer the rising costs of medical care.

AVATAR provides trusted, quality equipment checked for reliability. Many practices choose second-rate or outdated models of equipment due to high cost and shortages of trustworthy machines. Our team chooses only the equipment that has lasting value to practitioners and clinics.

Dialysis Machines
Neuro Surgical Microscopes
Ultrasound Machines

“AVATAR International brings the best equipment to the market.  I trust AVATAR to provide us with the highest quality.”

– Shawn M.

Reliability and Experience

Even commonplace items in a medical setting need thorough screening, checks, and calibration to perform to the highest standards of care that are expected in modern healthcare settings. AVATAR identifies only the best equipment and then ensures that it is performing at peak condition before offering it to our customers.

Before you choose equipment for your patients, carefully compare other refurbished medical equipment to what AVATAR has to offer. You’ll find that our products outpace all others. Contact us using the form below and let us help you find the quality and reliability that you need in medical equipment.